I have a contact for wholesale Victoria’s Secret clothing that has been supplying small clothing outlets, eBay, and online sellers for years. This contact is a large online clothing retailer who also wholesales liquidation apparel and apparel related accessories. I just received an email from them advertising their latest “Secret” offers of wholesale Victoria’s Secret, and just below they listed small lots of Lane Bryant Plus clothing overstock as well.

The Lane Bryant Plus lots are assorted (un-manifested) based upon the following mix: Tops 40%, Bottoms 40%, and the balance of 20% listed as other. Other could be overstock dresses, foundation wear, or perhaps shoes. Assortments like this are pretty much the norm when dealing with liquidation apparel. A purchase becomes a big surprise when it hits your door…its good, bad, or a combination of the two. While this may be a little unsettling to some of you, I thrive on the mystery of not knowing exactly what to expect.

Buy Wholesale Victoria’s Secret Clothing

With this wholesale apparel seller, pallets are manifested and you can get a pretty good idea of what you’re buying beforehand. I’m looking at a manifest now that shows item description (sweater, tops, pants, bras, swimwear, and shoes / boots), Sku’s, sizes, and original retail selling price.

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