Surplus inventory buyers will discover that January is the month in which retail stores will receive a mass of customer returns because people simply didn’t want a specific type of speed drill, or they wanted a Blue Ray Player instead of a DVD/RW player and burner. You will find that the holiday seasons will provide a massive amount of opportunities as well as quality of merchandise. The reason for this is many of these items are simply being returned because they aren’t needed, or the recipient simply wants to exchange it for something else.

As a surplus inventory buyer, you will begin to understand the principles that surround this business. You see, during the holiday seasons, retailers will receive a lot more customer returned inventory. Thus, the system will be overloaded with these customer returns making the prices even lower when it comes time for surplus inventory buyers to come into play. When retailers are at maximum capacity with returned items, the price you pay will drop for those excellent quality liquidated goods.

This is a time when surplus inventory buyers need to take action. You see, it will be possible to get better deals around these seasonal periods; however, to take complete advantage of this special opportunity, buying in larger volumes is key. You will discover that the deals get even better when you are capable of buying more – for less. Many seasoned inventory buyers save for this exact occasion because they know the quality of merchandise is much better, and the more they buy – the better the price.

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide

Seasonal Items for Pennies on the Dollar

You will discover that the month of January provides many seasonal items for the surplus inventory buyer such as Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, wreaths, Christmas lights by the box full and a variety of other seasonal items, and many of these items will get picked up for pennies on the dollar. Some may feel that it is simply too early to load up their inventories with seasonal items for 2022, but the truth is – the prices will not get any lower. Some of the tricks skilled surplus inventory buyers use will be to secure low cost storage.

These storage areas can be anywhere in your local area. Warehouses, storage units, storage trailers, or even a large dry garage will suffice. You must understand that this is a short term purchasing opportunity that will not last. As stated before, these items can be bought for pennies on the dollar, stored, and sold for maximum profits providing you with an astounding ROI. You will find that by opting for a cost effective storage option, then combining that with the low cost inventory you’ve purchased, this will provide you with profits beyond belief.

Purchasing customer returns in January will prove to be one of your most cost effective and profitable opportunities. Something to keep in mind is that these opportunities will present themselves each and every year. The key factor here is to be ready, and to buy as much as you can when the time comes.

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide