It’s been sometime since we have reviewed manifests, so what better time than today! I like to go over manifests for our new readers who are buying customer returns for the first time. Manifests are a sort of inventory of the load that can give us an indication of load contents and retail/wholesale values before making a purchase.

Alright, let’s get down to it! I know many of you contact us in the pursuit of customer returns, so I thought it would be fitting to review a pallet of customer returned clothing from Amazon.

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The customer returns pallet is advertised in this way:

Total Retail value $17,939.37
Liquidation Buyer Cost $4,843.63 (27% of original retail)
Category of merchandise: Customer Returns
Mixture of Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Apparel
1 Pallet containing 508 pieces



And a word of caution for those just getting started buying pallets: manifests should be used a guide only! Back to my experience, quantities will very even if listed on a manifest. Yep, it’s true.

This pallet load of Amazon clothing contains just about the biggest assortment of apparel you would want including, but not limited to, brands such as French Connection, Diesel, Lucky Brand, Wrangler, Fruit of the loom, Levis, Stephen Joseph, Lauren Madison, Fred Perry, Jules & Jim, Reebok, Three Dots, Roxy, Joes Jeans, Ali Ro, and others.

Did you read right? Yes, a few of the better brands like Diesel, Three Dots, and Ali Ro caught my attention, so I started a little cross-searching the net to see what these exact items were and how much they sell for. Here is one search I completed:


I loaded up the SKU number from the manifest, B0072BLPKY, on Amazons website, and then once I reviewed Amazon’s pricing I went to perform a completed items search on ebay:




As I scan through the rest of the manifest it is evident that, like I said before, this pallet load of clothing returns has a broad mixture of brand names from low to high end labels. If you take the total pallet cost of $4843 and add in an estimated pallet shipping cost of $200.00, we can then get our total landed (delivered) cost of $5,043.00. We can then take this large number and divide by the number of pieces in the pallet to come up with our cost per unit which, in our example, comes out to roughly $1 per piece ($5043 / 508).

At $1 per unit, I think this would be a great instant inventory for any eBay or flea market reseller! What do you think? Have you purchased liquidation returns before? Please comment below.


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