Over the last few days I’ve received several emails asking about Kmart pallets and truckloads. I have exchanged a few emails back and forth asking about how this merchandise is being resold. The overwhelming response was through flea markets and swap meets. Here on the West coast we attend flea markets, but I think down south, they refer to them as swap meets. Nevertheless, Kmart customer returns are perfect for the flea market for two very good reasons:

Quality of merchandise – Kmart products, even when new, are not the best quality. The store caters to a discount minded shopper offering low prices and because of this, less quality. So, understanding that Kmart primarily retails lower quality items, it stand to reason that the customer returned pallets will be filled with low quality items that exhibit a higher ratio of damages compared to other liquidation loads. Perfect for flea market reselling where people are looking for low, low prices.

I don’t like to stereotype classes of people, but honestly, those that shop at rock-bottom discount stores tend to return items that are in bad shape. Especially true within the clothing and toy category. I personally have experienced a large loss buying Kmart toy pallets that were literally filled with garbage. I believe I spent about $100 per pallet and could not resell most of the items. I ended up re-wholesaling the toy pallets.

Cost of Kmart Pallets and truckloads
– Here is the one and only advantage of Kmart return loads…pricing! Kmart loads are some of the cheapest out there! But remember, you get what you pay for!

Last time I looked, Kmart full double-stacked trucks load were selling at about $75 per pallet. A double-stacked truckload will contain up to 45-48 pallets. That’s a lot of merchandise…I hope you will have room!