How else would some small eBay seller or retailer get their hands on name brand electronics? As a small seller, I highly doubt you will have the funds to meet the minimum purchasing requirements set forth by large electronic manufacturers…do you have half a million to spend? I didn’t think so, but hold the fort for a minute, as there is still hope for you!

You and I can purchase pallets and truckloads of well known consumer electronics without breaking the bank. The type of merchandise I am talking about is customer returned electronics. Customer returned electronics refer to those items that have been returned to the original retailer for various reasons, but probably mostly due to malfunction or some degree of damage.

Because these items were returned for store credit or refund retailers will ship these products off to a reclamation center where they will either be resold to small wholesale liquidation buyers or shipped off for possible product refurbishment.

Caveat Emptor….buyer beware! Purchasing customer returned electronics is not for the faint of heart. You must have tech skills to work on products in order to be a successful electronics reseller. If you lack diagnostic skills, my advice would simply be…find another category of liquidation merchandise to purchase. You can lose a lot of money buying damaged-laden electronic pallets. Having said that, I do know a few very successful eBay resellers who buy salvage customer returned electronics and resell them as “broken” or “parts”. Those eBay sellers making a nice income selling broken items to those that are tech savvy.