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Merchandise Brokering Questions

I received an email from a reader who questions information found within another liquidation guide about the subject of pallet and truckload brokering; I thought it would be best to address his questions here, in the form of a blog post.

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Fake or Legit?

Did you get an especially good deal on a high-end stock lot of clothing? Stock lot meaning the...

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Wholesale Shelf Pull Makeup Case Study

I like to touch upon different types of liquidation merchandise and today I want to talk about wholesale cosmetics, or makeup as some might call it. Throughout my stint within the surplus industry I’ve often been asked...

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Liquidator’s Guide

The Liquidators Guide is filled with product sourcing techniques! With the guide you’ll get FREE access to a 33,000+ member Facebook Sourcing group filled with educational content and pallet and truckloads offers!

Pallet Flipping

Those that are NEW to the liquidation industry should start with our Pallet Flipping Series

Flea Market Sellers

Check out our Flea Market Selling Series where we chronicle the steps needed to start a profitable business at the flea market selling liquidation merchandise.