How to Broker Liquidation Merchandise

A Liquidation Broker is a Godsend to large retailers liquidating stock.

The broker sells this stock to small “bite-size” wholesale buyers collecting a handsome markup!

A Liquidation Broker provides lost revenue to individuals or companies who are faced with the task of moving defunct, excess, salvage, and overstock merchandise. Without a brokers expertise within the arena of liquidation, individuals and companies face the prospect of sitting on inventory that is taking up valuable space and producing zero revenue.

A liquidation broker uses expert knowledge to show small and large resellers how to capitalize by reselling name brand merchandise sourced for pennies on the dollar.

The liquidation broker then brings these two parties (a seller and a buyer) providing value to each side of the transaction. The broker can make a generous profit assisting and bringing together the two parties for which otherwise might not have met.

To put this into better prospective think of a real estate broker and how he (or she) represents a buyer and a seller. Single family and commercial properties are sold around the world daily with the help and expertise of a real estate broker. A real estate broker makes a percentage of each sales transaction, and in case you did not know, this percentage is quite large. This pay is based upon a real estate agents knowledge of the industry and his adherence to the current real estate laws.

A liquidation broker can build a highly successful, and profitable, business helping resellers locate and secure fast selling liquidation merchandise. For his work, a liquidation broker can enjoy a handsome payday.

We have created the most comprehensive course designed to get your liquidation broker business off the ground. Written by a cited and successful liquidation broker, this course will not only get you started, but will also assist with the day-today operations a broker will experience.

Your Liquidation Broker questions answered…

How lucrative is this opportunity? – A liquidation broker adds a markup to each pallet, lot, or truckload. This markup can be a fixed amount or can be applied as a percentage of inventory retail or wholesale value. The markup amount is entirely up to the broker, and earnings potential is based upon how much time a broker puts into his or her own business.

How the heck do I find liquidation merchandise to resell? – our guide explains where to look for excess stock, and the guide also offers information about contacting potential companies about excess stock availability.

Ok, so the Brokers Guide covers finding inventory, but what about locating buyers? – our guide explains where to look for prospective buyers of liquidation merchandise. We’ve taken the guess work out of the equation!

I’ve never started or operated a business before, how can I possibly do this without experience? – Our guide offers in-depth information about brokering liquidation merchandise. We are not offering a business opportunity, however, we do offer basic information about starting a new business, as well as, details of where further FREE business help (startup and operations) can be found

Our Liquidation Broker Guide is filled with information to
help get a successful brokering business up and running!
Let’s take a look…

Module 1 – Introduction: My Story; Retail distribution 101; Broker Defined; Opportunity; Profit Potential; Overcoming Stigma; Transparency; and Don’t Buy Into This Opportunity

Module 2 – Getting Started: Startup capital estimates; Legal Consultation; Insurance; Naming the Business; Banking; Accepting Credit Cards & Paypal; Accounting; Freight Shipping; Website Creation; Social Network Integration; and The Brokers Office

Module 3 – Locating Inventory: Locating Inventory; Working with Manufacturers; Working With Catalog & Ecommerce Companies; Working with Wholesale Liquidators; Working with Local Sources; Trade Show Networking

Module 4 – Locating Customers: Locating Customers; Dealing with Samples

Module 5 – Advertising: Online Directories; Trade Publications; Internet Advertising Social Networks

Module 6 – Daily Operations: Phone Sales; Transaction Mechanics; Invoice Generation; Purchase & Resell Agreements; Collection of Resell License; Wire Transfers

Module 7: Industry interviews with Alain Stambouli, Tamara Knepper, and Luke Avedon

Module 8: Questions & Answers. We solicited actual questions from those interested in brokering.

Module 9: Product Markup Examples. We show first hand how to apply markups to lots, pallets and truckloads of merchandise.

Appendix: Industry Terminology, Buyer Demographics, Sample Client Wire Form, Sample Terms of Sale Agreement, Sample Salvage Agreement, Helpful Web links, and Get Started Checklist

Learn from those in the Industry

Alain Stambouli, president of Via Trading, takes the time to share his thoughts about brokering liquidation merchandise within our guide. Even though Via Trading operates a massive 240,000 square foot warehouse based in Southern California, this company still brokers loads to its client base daily! We learn best from industry leaders like Alain.

Alain Stambouli

Via Trading

Tamara Knepper Freight broker – Fear of freight shipping? Nah, no need to stress over freight when you can work with a knowledgeable freight broker. Tamara answers a few of our questions about shipping pallets and truckloads of liquidation merchandise. Oh, and we will pass on her contact information, so when you get ready to ship…you can call her direct!

Tamara Knepper

Freight Broker

Luke Avedon, liquidation broker – Luke just recently launched his brokering business based upon a strong determination to succeed. We spoke with Luke and got the inside scoop on some of his recent deals, including what’s gone right and what’s gone wrong. Enlightening information from someone who is currently out there right now putting liquidation deals together!

Luke Avedon

Avedon Ent

We know what it takes to become a liquidation broker, and we’ve packed
the guide with a ton of information. Here’s a sampling of what you’re going to learn…


You asked..We answered – 30 actual questions submitted by people interested in becoming a liquidation broker. Chances are, your exact questions will be answered by reading through our thoughts and comments to these broker rookies!


Get up and running quickly! Sample start-up checklist including costs are included with our Brokers guide!


Contacting retailers, manufacturers, catalogs, import/exporters, wholesalers, distributors, and other suppliers who have stock that must be liquidated – “done for you” emails and phone scripts


The accounting conundrum – Broker accounting methods are unique – our course explains details


How to mark up products – Should you apply a percent or markup? We provide example markups for the new broker to review. pricing in action!


Business legal organization for the new brokering business – compare and contrast


Insurance claim nightmares for the broker – how [and why to] to properly insure your brokering business


How to contact retailers, manufactures, catalogs, import/exporters, wholesalers, distributors, and other parties who have stock that must be liquidated. Our guide explains where to look for excess inventory that can be resold for pennies on the dollar!


Keeping it legal – Review of the licenses involved with the operation of a broker business. Don’t get started without getting the proper licenses!


Drop shipping versus brokering – What’s the big difference? Our course tackles this question head on.


Accepting payments – our guide will explain about the various payment methods a broker can offer. Which one is best? Our course has the answer!


I’m a liquidation broker, now what do I do? Our course offers a daily schedule a broker should apply Monday through Friday for maximum profitability.


Manifest Tutorials – how to read and benefit from written inventory listings. This is specifically found within the BONUS guide included with this course.


How to setup freight accounts including ground, LTL, and truckload shipments. No fear as our course has the answers you undoubtedly have.


Full review of the forward and reverse logistics industry


How and where to advertise your brokering services


Web Bookmarks – Most bookmarked industry websites..add these to your favorites!


Brokers Technology – tech gadgets are a must, and we list what should be used daily by a liquidation broker.


Social media for leads – networking through social media to find buyers and sellers of obsolete stock. What social sites must be used by a liquidation broker!


Why a broker must be an industry educator. Yes, a broker has HUGE role in buyer success….our course explains in full

Brokering liquidation merchandise is not easy, it takes
knowledge and determination to build the business.

I would never tell anyone this can be built overnight.
Let’s keep it real, I am not about hype or false claims…

Our brokers guide is not a get rich quick opportunity. If you are not willing to work hard, “X” out of the window above and move on. Brokering liquidation merchandise can be a stable and rewarding business, but it takes time to set up a repeat client base. If it were easy, everyone would flood the industry!

Our Broker Guide is not an “out of the box” business opportunity, meaning we are not providing equipment, supplier contact lists, buyers lists, or and other tangible assets. Our Brokers guide explains the process of brokering excess inventory based on personal knowledge of the industry. It’s up to you to take this information and apply it to your own situation.

Our brokers guide does not advocate searching for the deals where you makes a $42,000.00 profit by flipping two container loads of goods within two hours. High dollar deals are out there, but are few and far between. Large deals are put together by those who have been in the business for sometime and have fostered strong buying relationships with reputable overseas contacts. There is nothing wrong with looking for high dollar deals, but our course is more suited for someone just getting started within the industry of brokering.

Our Brokers Guide does not answer every question imaginable when it comes to brokering merchandise…this is just not possible. We will, however, provide an email address where you can send additional questions. We will answer questions based upon our experience within the industry. Question will be honored for seven days from date of purchase.

We’re Throwing in 4 FREE BONUSES…

BONUS 1 – Purchase Order & Invoice Templates…Value $29.00

We are giving you two Excel templates that can be used daily in your brokering business! The Broker’s purchase order (PO) and the Broker’s invoice…both a must-have time-saver. Take these two forms and use as is, or edit to suit your business needs.

BONUS 2 – Avoiding Charge-backs…Value $27.00

As a liquidation broker, are you going to accept Paypal and credit cards on a limited basis? If so, you will find this informative guide invaluable! Chargebacks are a potentially devastating force for any online merchant and must be treated seriously. Chargebacks and the fraud that is often their precursor are regular events in the world of online sales and they pose a huge risk to merchants of all types.

BONUS 3 – Manifest Analysis Tutorial…Value $19.00

You’ll get our complete Manifest Analysis Tutorial showing how to review merchandise before a pallet or truckload purchase is made. This bonus tutorial contains actual manifest case studies, where we show you how to research items listed! A manifest is a written document describing merchandise contained in a pallet or truckload. Often, manifests can be confusing to the new buyer….relax, you’ll be a pro after reading this report!

BONUS 4 – Brand Protection Analysis…Value $19.00

Before buying liquidation merchandise from retailers like Sears, Kmart, Best Buy, etc., you’ll have to sign on the dotted line adhering to some strict reselling rules. In this report we will review some of the more imprtant rules you and your buyers must follow! Potentially avoid the dreaded cease and desist action with this FREE Bonus report!

Broker’s Guide + All BONUSES $67.00

GUARANTEED: If you cannot find the value in our fact filled guide simply contact within 30 days of purchase date and we will send you a refund…it’s as simple as that.

With this NO RISK GUARANTEE you have nothing to lose!


GUARANTEED: If you cannot find the value in our fact filled guide simply Email us within 30 days of purchase date and we will send you a refund…it’s as simple as that.

With this NO RISK GUARANTEE you have nothing to lose!


I understand that this guide will be available to me immediately after purchase…24 hours a day, seven days a week in the form of an Adobe PDF file. Upon purchase, we will immediately email a link that will allow you to open the PDF file on your computer. This is not a printed book that is shipped to you, again, you are purchasing access to an online large PDF file. This electronic file can be printed and will also include your FREE bonuses!