Home Depot Wholesale Pallets of Liquidation Merchandise

One of the third party logistics companies listed within our course, The Liquidators Guide, just announced a new retailer they are liquidating stock from; have you heard of the Home Depot? Just like Lowe’s or Orchard Supply hardware, Home Depot is a large big box home improvement retailer with 2,200 locations here within the US (according to the corporate website). The contracted liquidator within our guide has listings currently for multiple pallet lots consisting of:

  • Home Products – small appliances and other items for the home. Mostly out of box humidifiers, box fans, BBQ’s that either didn’t work for purchased need or potentially damaged/not working properly.
  • Plumbing and Electrical – bathroom items and electrical supplies that have been purchased and returned usually due to incorrect model/size purchased for need.
  • Hardware – power tools, hand tools, and seasonal power equipment and lawn and garden furniture. Often items in this category are missing pieces.
  • Lighting – indoor and outdoor lighting; potentially damaged glass globes and/or missing hardware
  • Appliances – big box products exhibiting scratch and dent issues up to non-functional. This category will often contain built-in appliance models that may have been installed and removed for various reasons.

Purchasing Home Depot Wholesale

Here are some photos of merchandise directly from Home Depot loads. This auction company purchases by the truckload and then auctions each item off individually. Business looks good to me!

I have no experience with Home Depot wholesale customer returns, but I would venture to say the loads are probably very similar to other home improvement retailers. I do have extensive experience with loads from Orchard Supply hardware, which is owned by Sears.

Home improvement pallets and truckloads are filled with items, in my experience, that carry a high resell value for eBay and flea market sellers. Pricing tends to be a very low percentage of original retail value. Our Liquidators Guide will direct you to contact information for Home Depot customer return pallets and truckloads.

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