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How to Avoid Risk When Buying Closeouts

The single most important factor in wholesale closeouts is trust. If you are buying an overstock lot, you need to be able to trust that the merchandise is authentic and not counterfeit, trust that the items you receive will be the same items you paid for, trust that the shipping container will arrive at all! These may sound like no-brainers, but those of us who have spent time (and money) in the world of wholesale overstock know there isn’t much you can take for granted. Unfortunately wholesale closeout is an industry that remains riddled with fraud. There are many...

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Attending Your First Wholesale Trade Show

If you are actively engaged in the continuous hunt for inventory, wholesale trade show attendance is an absolute must do activity for any type of retail business. Most B2B wholesale trade shows showcase hundreds, if not thousands, of wholesale suppliers under one roof. Attending a trade show provides the opportunity to preview samples of inventory; shake hands with prospective suppliers, and network with other retailers. Most trade shows allow retail buyers to attend for free, but in order to register as a buyer, attendees must prove they are actively engaged in some type of retail business. The requirements are...

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Latest Wholesale Deals 11-15-2015

Here’s are latest wholesale deals post, yep, on the weekend! If you’re looking for eBay or Amazon wholesale merchandise, you’re in luck. I’ve listed a few liquidation deals that I think are worth a second look. Item: L’Oreal Assorted Cosmetics Description: Boxes include a large variety of colors and shades with items such as mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick and gloss, blush, bronzer, nail polish, foundation, powders and much more. Condition: New In Box Quantity: 250 count boxes Price: $1.50 each / $375.00 box Contact info: Discount Wholesalers, Inc, 1985 Ticonderoga Blvd, Ste 27, Chester Springs, PA, Phone: 1-610-458-1131...

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Latest Wholesale Deals 11-13-2015

I’m out and about, looking for wholesale deals. Deals listed here will not work for every selling venue, but just know I’m always on the lookout for items that will sell on eBay, Amazon, in brick ‘n mortar stores, at the flea market, etc. If I think it’s a great deal, I’ll list it here. Item: Concept Housewares Solid Metal Wine and Glass Counter Rack Quantity: 4 per case Price: $60.00 per case Contact info: H & J Closeouts Inc., 125 E. Oakton St. Unit #2, Des Plaines, IL 60018, 1-800-875-7717 Email: Website: Item: Multi-Use Closet Storage...

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Latest Wholesale Deals 10-22-2015

What a week this has been! Tons of liquidation offers have come across my desk. Here are a few wholesale deals I think you should check out. Quick note: are you trying to source inventory for Amazon FBA sales…you need to check out Jessica Larrew’s Liquidation Gold guide. I picked this up sometime ago and it’s filled with information related to sourcing closeouts through liquidation stores. Home Depot Tools, all returns, 792 units, 24 skids, $12k. Contact Jimmy Dunne SaleBlazers Exports, Wholesale, and Auctions. 260 S. Belt Line Road Suite 282, Irving, TX 75060 Cell:732-682-6463 Office: 469-892-2201 Truckload...

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